What is TokoToko?

TokoToko is a brand new narrative game in which you help the Tokotokos by interacting with drawings and augmented reality: this is augmented creativity!

The game fosters creative approaches, with drawing recognition technology, and lets you live an amazing adventure with the Tokotokos! 

Help Tokotokos with your drawings! Use your own pencil to guide this troupe of itinerant artists to find inspiration, and they’ll bring your creations to life! Hako and her friends need you to become great artists!

TokoToko is an augmented reality video game coming on iOS devices fall 2019. Stay tuned!

Hako’s News

Hi! I’m Hako! So glaaaaaaad to meet you there! I’m going on an incredible adventure with you and my friends. That is so exciting!

Please let me tell you my story, it’s really important to me! Besides, I made some drawings to make it even clearer! Thank you!

Tokotoko ‘s Story

gif of Your draw come to life
gif of Customize your island

Here is the story I want to tell you.

Draw to help the Tokotokos!

Customize your island with drawings…

gif of Hako and her friends need help
igif of Hako and her friends are lost in the vast ocean
gif of the portal for the Tokotokos go back to their world.

Tokotokos have lost each other!

Find the lost Tokotokos in the vast ocean!

Save all the Tokotokos and enter their world!

Hi, it’s me again! Hako!
I wanted to keep telling you about my adventure but I forgot to get your email address!
Please, can you give it to me?

Hako say hi !
Post tamp of TokoToko and Kalank

TokoToko Contact

If you want to keep in touch with us, feel free to follow us on all our social medias! We’ll tell you everything we can on what we’re doing and you’ll discover a lot of surprises!

TokoToko’s creator

Corporate name: Kalank
Adress: 45 rue de Bordeaux – Apt 43 Bat D
16000 Angoulême
President: Baptiste Deneufbourg
Director General: Adrien Carta
Open-ended fund of 1500€

Host: OVH
2 rue Kellermann
59 100 Roubaix

Gif of Hako wich say goodbye accompanied by her creator Kalank.
Baptiste Deneufbourg and Adrien Carta.